AntlerA Norrin/Wnt-agonist ANT antibody enters clinical trials through a strategic partnership with EyeBio

  • Clinical testing of AnlterA’s first-in class Norrin/Wnt-agonist antibody initiated through a strategic collaboration and licensing agreement with EyeBio
  • Derived from ANT-Pharm platform, EYE103 is a Norrin/Wnt-agonist clinical antibody molecule developed by EyeBio in close collaboration with AntlerA for treatment of retinopathies

San Francisco, Jun 14th, 2023. AntlerA Norrin/Wnt-agonist antibody through a strategic partnership with EyeBio enters clinical trials for treatment of retinopathies.

AntlerA previously reported the development of a Norrin/Wnt-mimetic for treatment of leaky blood vessels in the eye.

"We are pleased to support EyeBio in the development and advancement of EYE103, a Norrin/Wnt-mimetic, into the clinic. Built based on AntlerA’s ANT-Pharm platform the tetravalent antibody molecule binds specifically to FZD4/LRP5 receptors leading to Wnt-signaling and restoration of blood vessels integrity in the eye." said Dr. Sekar Seshagiri, CEO, AntlerA Therapeutics. He further added "This is a first-in class molecule for treatment of diabetic retinopathy and several pediatric retinal diseases such as FEVR/Norrie, Coats, and ROP"

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AntlerA Therapeutics is a regenerative medicines company focused on developing novel protein therapeutics that function by modulating Wnt signaling to harness the regenerative potential of tissue resident stem cells.

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